sunrise in Amsterdam🌤

A few days ago on my way back to Germany I took a little trip to Amsterdam. I chose my return trip with the 5-hour layover just to see the city again. I fell in love with the gorgeous houses, boats and houseboats by the canals when I visited for the first time last year. Since I liked Amsterdam so much I went on another short trip:)

a very merry christmas💫

This year's christmas was a special one. I only had a couple of days off but it was an amazing couple of days. Definitely one I won't forget. We decided to stay in a cabin for the holidays. best. decision. ever. All 11 of us in one cabin. It was awesome! We got snow on Christmas Day, and we went skiing⛷

Day trip to Brussels 🇧🇪

I went on a trip I've wanted to do for a while this weekend! I had already been to Amsterdam and this time I wanted to see Belgium so my friend and I decided to go on a mini trip to Brussels. 🇧🇪 It's such a beautiful city with loads of pretty views (and good food)

The perfect getaway 🌤

There are about 7000 islands and I've only been to a bit over than a hundred of them, and I'm in love. I'm in love with the turquoise waters, coral reefs, waterfalls, cold and hot springs, caves, mountainous provinces... the list goes on.