sunrise in Amsterdam🌤

A few days ago on my way back to Germany I took a little trip to Amsterdam. I chose my return trip with the 5-hour layover just to see the city again. I fell in love with the gorgeous houses, boats and houseboats by the canals when I visited for the first time last year. It was spring at the time so the flowers and the sunny weather were a great addition to the city. Since I liked Amsterdam so much I pretty much took a ‘free’ trip there when I booked my flight back!

8:30 A.M.

Obviously it isn’t spring yet, so the city wasn’t decorated with flowers nor filled with people having picnics by the canals and chilling outside cafés. I arrived at the central station just before sunrise and walked towards the canals as the city was waking up. There were no flowers to be seen and it was darker and colder which was way different than I remembered it being. But the winter has its charm too! A little snow would’ve helped, but at least the sun was shining🌞.

beautiful houses and bikers everywhere:)

As I was strolling by the canals at around 8:30 in the morning, people were off to school and work… on their bikes, of course. I’ve never seen more bikes in my life than in the Netherlands. Not only is the country filled with them, but the roads are really dedicated to bike riders. I even found myself walking in areas without pedestrian lanes multiple times! But apparently Holland has more bike owners than the actual population 😂. The bikes are one of the reasons I really like the country:P

Anywho, I was strolling by the canals early in the morning as the sun was rising. It really was a magical time to take a walk outside. There were only locals on the street, it was peaceful and quiet, and the sky looked like cotton candy. As the sun came out and it was getting later, the noise gradually increased and the city came to life. Shops, cafés and restaurants were opening up and there were more and more tourists to be seen.

It may not have been as flowery, sunny and warm as I remembered but I had yet another great experience in Amsterdam. Not to mention how much I love their food and sweets! (Poffertjes and Stroopwafels are must-tries) 😉

One of my favorite cities so far! 🌞

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