a weekend out of town

Aaah finally an actual weekend off of work. We had 10 days straight without any free days so this weekend was much needed. I decided to visit a few friends that live a bit further north so I spent my weekend out of town. Yep, I should probably rest when we get the chance buuut I also try to travel when I can. I’ll have plenty of time to rest once I’m old and grey… when I’m done traveling the world hehe

Anywho, I went to Hamburg and Bremen which is just a train ride to get from one city to the other so I thought why not. I’d already been to Hamburg before so I spent most of my time exploring Bremen. The weather wasn’t great though, it was gloomy and cold but there wasn’t any rain. It is winter after all, but I prefer snow!

Schnoor Viertel, Bremen

I’ve mentioned before that performances are kind of like a breath of fresh air, but traveling really is refreshing. I feel like I’ve been charged up… as if I’ve been running low on battery. I have more energy during class these days, despite not resting properly during the weekend. I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately either but it’s nice breaking that daily routine once in a while. 🗺

Besides, traveling by train is by far one of my favorite ways to travel since it’s so simple and relaxing.

I can only imagine this place with a little bit of snow and all those Christmas lights lit up, must be really magical! If I had gone a few weeks later I would’ve seen the Christmas market too! ❄️

Bremen was such a cozy city to visit. I love old buildings and tiny little streets. Seeing old towns in every city I visit when I travel is a must, and is always one of my favorite parts of the trip. They’re all so unique and they just give the city more personality.

Tschüss Bremen, cheers to more trips like these👋🏼

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