I challenged myself: one week, no meat

Nowadays vegetarianism is gaining popularity and getting more and more ‘mainstream’. There are so many different kinds of diets and it seems like new ones just keep popping up. People have these diets for many different reasons. The idea of vegetarianism (like every other diet) always seemed difficult to me. I wouldn’t say I’d suffer, but I’d really hate not being able to eat everything. I don’t have anything against vegetarianism, not at all. I respect people who choose to be vegetarians. For being faithful and dedicated, and for those who are fighting against animals cruelty.

Even after deciding that I don’t want to become a vegetarian, I did get curious. I wanted to see if I could pull it off… if I can resist eating meat for one week. So I tried. I spontaneously decided to not consume any meat for 7 days straight… ‘cus why not? I challenged myself, last week, just to see how easily I’d give up, if I had any cravings and just to see how difficult it would be for me. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while but I never had the dedication until I decided I should give it a go. Just for fun!

Did I succeed? Yeeep. Not once did I crave it. It was weirdly easy, actually. I didn’t really know what to expect during the week ‘cus I’ve never eaten a certain way before nor do I have any allergies so I’ve never had to avoid any kind of food. That’s why I was surprised it went so well! I managed to cook what I’d normally make for my meals without ham, chicken, beef or fish. Not having meat actually forced me to be more creative with my meals! Below are some of my favorite go-tos that I made during the week as well as a meat-free lasagne I tried for the first time.


I’ve never had intentions of becoming vegetarian but I do want to eat less because I know how cruel the meat industry is. Being vegetarian turned out to be very easy so there really is no reason I shouldn’t cut it out every now and then. All these discussions I’ve had on this subject lately just got be thinking. I’m aware that animals aren’t treated well, I’ve known that for a while. What we humans do to them is awful… it’s quite shocking.

If there’s a will there’s a way, I know. I just don’t want to cut out meat because I enjoy it. I choose not to be strict with myself and have whatever I feel like eating. I love sushi, tacos, baby back ribs, pepperoni pizza… you name it. On the other hand, I don’t want to be abusive and buy or consume meat daily either. I don’t need it, and I proved that to myself after a meat-free week. I challenged myself to be vegetarian for 7 days but at day 10 I realized that I still hadn’t consumed any meat.

It’s easy when you have food like this🥑

I’m glad that people, including myself, are getting more informed of what the meat industry really is like. It’s merciless and brutal, some can’t handle seeing the animals get tortured so they prefer ignoring what happening inside those factories. But then again, I still eat meat (not as much as I used to but I’m definitely not vegetarian) so I can’t really say anything.

I’d say the challenge was a success not because I managed not to eat meat, but because it made me realize how it really isn’t necessary for me to constantly consume it. No excuses:p 🐥

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