So much to do, so little time

I can’t be the only one who wants to see and experience everything. Our planet is so beautiful and I know that because I’ve seen a veeery tiny fraction of it. But there’s so. much. more. All I want to do is pack my bags and see the world.

That’s maybe not all I want to do. Not only is there so much to see but there’s tons of things I want to do and learn as well. There are certain skills I want to acquire. One thing I want to learn right now is German. I’ve lived in a few different countries and I’ve become fluent (or almost fluent) in each country’s official language. German has so far been the toughest one since I started learning it with zero knowledge and knew nothing about it at all when I first moved to Germany half a year ago.

My goals, however, always change. My current goals are different from the ones I had on this day one year ago, maybe even different from the ones I had 6 months ago. I know that I’m an indecisive person but I guess my goals vary from year to year because I discover new things all the time… possibilities I didn’t even know existed. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m learning to know myself better? Or It may just be different factors. But I feel like I never really know what I want 100%.

I constantly find myself wanting to learn different things… skills, instruments, recipes, DIYs, activities and so on. But there is one thing I’ve always wanted to do though, especially since I moved away from home, is travel. But then again who doesn’t? Maybe some more than others. Personally, I want to see more of nature. More of beautiful sceneries rather than man-made buildings. Don’t get me wrong looove cozy villages, christmas markets, old towns, castles and everything… I mean look at these beauties:


BUT nothing beats nature👇🏼

Havasupai Falls
The Desert
Lago di Braies


Nevertheless I’m happy to be where I am right now. I look at everything as a step closer to where I want to be, and meant to be. Every now and then I daydream about the day I’m free to go wherever I want, whenever I want. But for now, one day at a time.

> Sadly none of the pictures are mine but from Pinterest, I’ve linked where I found them here (from top to bottom): Switzerland, Germany, Greece // Havasupai Falls, Desert, Lago di Braies 🌍✨

4 Replies to “So much to do, so little time”

  1. My goals vary from year to year too and it’s because with time I change and so does my priorities. I love looking back on my travel wish lists from years ago and see what I desired to see and do. Loving your list – would love to visit every single place listed on it


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