Yoghurt Pancakes 🥞

I’m back with another pancake recipe that is very similar to the Banana Pancakes I shared just a few weeks ago. These are also made with 3 ingredients only, they’re delicious, versatile and healthy! I said the banana pancakes were the easiest pancakes I’ve every made but these are just as simple (and delicious) 😂

I’ve been making this recipe ever since I saw these Greek Yoghurt Pancakes on Pinterest. Yep, it’s with yoghurt. So basically I used plain natural yoghurt instead of bananas. After making these pancakes several times I’ve concluded that any type of yoghurt works. It doesn’t have to be Greek, and it doesn’t have to be plain, natural yoghurt either. Fruity yoghurts will just jazz it up a bit and make it taste different; in a good way.

As always I’ve made my own simplified version: Oats instead of flour (so it’s more filling which makes it perfect for breakfast), I added a dash of cinnamon as always.. and finally some baking powder for that fluff!


1 dl yoghurt

1 egg

1 dl oats




baking powder

Let’s get cookin’!

Mix the ingredients with your favorite add-ons (I had vanilla and a bit of honey) in a blender and you have yourself a batter!

All you literally have to do is blend & cook!

After blending I mixed everything in a cup 👆🏼

Voilà! The finished product:

I topped mine with some more yoghurt, cinnamon & apples:)

Now you got a quick and simple breakfast that will fill you up! (I’ve had this for dinner too). What I love about this recipe is that it’s suuuper versatile, you can even use chocolate yoghurt and add some chocolate chips! I listed my personal favorites in my last pancake recipe so go ahead and check that one out for more ideas!


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