Bergen πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄

I just left Bergen and I miss it already. Despite the cold weather and constant rain, I love being home<3

After a while you get used to the sky being grey all the time, but I do find it much more enjoyable when the sun’s out… that’s for sure. On days when the weather is nice and when I’m not lazy I love going on mountain hikes. The views are so breathtaking and it just gets better and better the closer you get to the top! It amazes me every. single. time. And sunsets just make the experience a gazillion times better.

Isn’t it beautiful? This view never gets old<3

I used to hike a lot with family friends and we’d even climb the mountain next to our school for P.E. classes. Moving away from home, the mountains are one of the things I missed the most. Not necessarily hiking and the pretty view from the top, but also seeing the mountains from afar. I especially love it during the winter when the snow covers the city and mountain tops. I’m hoping for lots of snow this winter and a white Christmas:)

But summer is a beautiful time of the year to be home as well. Ice creams on the mountain, berry picking in the forest, grilled burgers by the beach, and just being with family and friends is an amazing summer to me. The sun barely sets during this time of the year as well so you’ve literally got aaall day to do everything you want.

ice creams, fresh berries & grilled food🌞

6 weeks of vacation with just 3 weeks at home went by waaay too fast but no doubt that it was well spent.

Summer 2020 countdown staaarts now🌊

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