A day in Zürich 🇨🇭

On my way back home, after spending half of my summer break in the Philippines, I got to see a little bit of Zürich. 😍 I’ve been wanting to visit Switzerland for the longest time, and booking my plane ride home I had the option to have a 10 hour lay over in Zürich! (When it comes to traveling I’ll take any chance I can get 😅.) Besides, it was basically free since I had to have a stopover somewhere anyway!

Since I had more or less 10 hours from the time I landed until my next flight departed, I had everything planned out. I did some research of places to visit in advance. That way I knew exactly where to go, what I wanted to see and so on. I stuck to a timetable and just improvised along the trip. Planning makes me feel more comfortable when I travel and just saves me time, money & stress altogether.

Lindenhof, Zürich

I loved walking by the ‘Limmat’ river and taking a stroll in a few cute streets in the city. I was out and about by 7 a.m. which was incredibly peaceful. No tourists or crowds, only joggers and people walking their dogs. One problem though, I didn’t expect it to rain… which it did. But that was ok since I got to see a whole lot before it got gloomy and the rain started to pour. I didn’t mind getting a bit wet either because the city was worth exploring despite the rain. When it got stronger I want to a few shops and sat down at a cafe.

The Old Town & My Expensive Breakfast

After visiting a few shops and buying a few items I noticed one tiny downside to visiting Switzerland; Just like Norway, it’s expensive. Every little thing you do will cost you, but considering how beautiful the country is, I’ll sacrifice the money.

Anywho, I really enjoyed seeing Zürich. It’s a country I definitely want to visit again. Hopefully I’ll get to see the mountainous part of Switzerland next time!🏔

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