10 essentials to survive your flight ✅

Summer is just around the corner and that means plane rides! My first trip? A total of 17 HOURS in the air. It’s a good thing I kinda like flights… thanks to these 10 things I’ll be mentioning. Listed below is a checklist I go through before I travel (and double-check before heading to the airport). Whether the flight is long or short, we all want to be as comfortable as we possibly can get on our trips. All the obvious items aside, like phones, passports, travel documents etc. Here are a few things I wouldn’t want to miss when I travel, which might help you for your upcoming flight.

  • Games

This is one of my top priorities when I travel. I love me some games (I’m a tiiiny bit nerdy). I personally like having my DSi and PSP with me… yes, I still use those. Sometimes I don’t get the time to use them but planes are the perfect place to finally get to play. I mean I’m up in the air where there isn’t any signal and rarely a WiFi connection. I also make sure to have games on my phone, so I have a few offline games too, (which aren’t only for traveling🤓).

  • Netflix

It’s never a bad idea to download a movie or two on your phone (unless you’re short on storage). Sometimes I don’t make the time to watch movies, even if there are a few I’ve really been wanting to see. So before my flights I make sure to download some on Netflix so I have the option to watch them when I feel like it. Not all flights have televisions and if they do, I might not like the selection of movies. (That never happens tho, I almost always like the movies on planes).

  • Book

Reading is a great way to kill time and just disconnect from the world. I don’t enjoy reading in general so I’ve been forcing myself to start reading more this year, in the hopes of getting into the habit of it. There hasn’t been much progress but bringing a book along with me when traveling increases the chances of me reading it. Sometimes I just don’t feel like staring into anymore. I even have a tiny sudoku book with me sometimes. Others prefer ebooks over actual books as well, which might be a bit more convenient. To me it kinda ruins the idea because the reason I pick up a book in the first place is to stay away from a screen and relax.

  • Headphones

If I don’t feel like doing anything at all, listening to music is another great way to relax. Earphones, airpods, headphones u name it… they’re a must when traveling. It’s nice just being in your own bubble every now and then. Sleeping with headphones is amazing as well, with or without music it’s a lifesaver when you want to rest. Crying babies, heavy snorers and just about any noise gets a lot less noticeable. I have like 10 different playlists downloaded on Spotify, a track for every mood 🕺🏽.

  • Powerbank

Powerbanks are necessary when traveling. Since I plan on doing everything mentioned above… play games, watch movies, read books and listen to music; this one really is another must. With a 26 hour travel ahead I wouldn’t leave without a fully charged powerbank and phone. Thankfully airports have charging stations, but those are popular spots and it’s hard to tell when I’ll be able to charge my phone/devices again.

  • Pillow

If I want to sleep at all or just want to rest comfortably, I usually bring a pillow with me. Not a full sized one, preferably a foldable or inflatable one that fits right into my backpack or purse. Normally I only bring a pillow on long-haul flights, like my trip this weekend. Otherwise I don’t manage to fall asleep on flights during the daytime so I don’t bring one. But it is a good idea to have something soft to rest on anyway for the sake of comfort, even on short plane rides.

  • Sleeping Mask

If I do plan on getting some sleep, I need to bring a sleeping mask along. I have a hard time sleeping when it’s too bright so I need something to cover my eyes. I also sleep better in general with something covering my eyes when I travel because that way I don’t feel as “exposed”. Sunglasses are also a great substitute if I don’t have a sleeping mask with me, it does the job. I barely drool in my sleep but if I did I’d also have a hat with me to cover my entire face 😂.

  • Wear Layers

Comfort means everything to me when I travel. And that also means dressing smartly. I know I get cold very easily and the same goes for getting hot. Solution? Layers. If I’m wearing a sweater I don’t go commando underneath. I wear something lighter under it so I can remove my sweater whenever I want to. Sometimes I’ll even have an extra sweater or a tiny blanket/scarf for when it gets too cold. I also bring a pair of thick fluffy socks in my bag because my toes freeze… like tiny toe popsicles.

  • Water

Most airlines offer water if you ask the flight attendants. But boy will they look slightly pissed when they bring you that 7th cup of water. Their cups are tiny! Water is also overpriced in airports so why not save yourself some money, time & strange looks. That’s why I almost always have a bottle of water with me. It’s also because I constantly snack on food, mostly chocolate, so I’m thirsty all the time. I just have to make sure to empty the bottle before security check and fill it up afterwards. (It’s different when traveling in areas where tap-water isn’t safe to drink, of course)

  • Snacks

My faaavorite. I saved the best one for last! I rarely ever travel without snacks. I eat when I’m bored and I don’t like being hungry. It’s as simple as that. And food is definitely pricier on airports and planes so I bring some travel-friendly food that don’t spill easily, smell and are difficult to eat. My go-to travel snacks are sandwiches, nuts, fruit and chocolate. When bringing snacks there’s no need to panic or empty my wallet when hunger strikes.

These items aren’t only for long distance flights, I make sure to have these items for just about any trip to every destination whether it’s by train, boat, bus or car.

Happy Traveling✈️

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