Summer Countdown 🌊


Summer… the only thing that’s been on my mind for these past couple of weeks. Probably because I already graduated from school and I usually have my break straight after. But thank God for the beautiful weather here, at least that’s something that helps me get by until I’m on vacation. Tanning a little bit before ain’t gonna hurt nobody. Also, the sun literally brightens up my day. Summer means Ice creams, milkshakes, pool days and more ice cream… ahhh what’s not to love?!

It has been getting a bit too hot lately though. The heat also means having difficulties sleeping, mosquito bites, ballet studios turning into saunas and a hundred showers a day because of constantly sweating. Even cooking, something I usually enjoy, is a struggle these days because it’s just. too. hot. The slightest movement and my sweat glands open a bottle of champagne and start to party. Not gonna complain though, the heat is bearable unlike other parts of the globe.

Despite all that, I’m really excited for the summer. I can’t wait to just soak up some vitamin sea (and D), lay by the beach with a sand on my feet. I also get to eat a lot of fresh fruit, one of my favorite things in the summer! Can’t wait for all the tropical fruit that I’ve been missing soso much in the Philippines, and when I’m back in Norway it’ll hopefully be berry season.

Last summer’s berries🍓

Speaking of which, last year’s vacation was amazing. I got to enjoy the Scandinavian summer at home as well as getting the chance to travel.

France, Greece, Germany & Norway ✈️

It was a lot of awesomeness in a just two months, but the end of summer is also a terrible feeling… it’s something I’m already dreading and summer hasn’t even started. Horrible, I know😂. And when it ends, the countdown starts aaall over again.

For now I’m just longing for my trip to the Philippines and to be back in Norway for a bit. Now that it’s only two weeks away, it’s my motivation as I do my pliés every morning. 🙃

Everyday is one step class closer to summer 🕺🏽

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