sunrise in Amsterdam🌤

A few days ago on my way back to Germany I took a little trip to Amsterdam. I chose my return trip with the 5-hour layover just to see the city again. I fell in love with the gorgeous houses, boats and houseboats by the canals when I visited for the first time last year. Since I liked Amsterdam so much I went on another short trip:)

a very merry christmas💫

This year's christmas was a special one. I only had a couple of days off but it was an amazing couple of days. Definitely one I won't forget. We decided to stay in a cabin for the holidays. best. decision. ever. All 11 of us in one cabin. It was awesome! We got snow on Christmas Day, and we went skiing⛷

Day trip to Brussels 🇧🇪

I went on a trip I've wanted to do for a while this weekend! I had already been to Amsterdam and this time I wanted to see Belgium so my friend and I decided to go on a mini trip to Brussels. 🇧🇪 It's such a beautiful city with loads of pretty views (and good food)

3-ingredient Gingerbread Truffles 🎄

It's time!! Christmas is less than a month away. AMAZING. I love Christmas and everything that comes with it. And what better way to kick off the most wonderful time of the year than baking something Christmas-y? I was in the mood to make something simple yet delicious so I ended up making these truffles with only three ingredients😍

5-ingredient banana bread

I love baking when I can and today was perfect since I had time and a few (very) ripe bananas as well. I've baked banana bread many times before but there's one recipe I've used several times, and it only calls for 5 ingredients!

I challenged myself: one week, no meat

Nowadays vegetarianism is gaining popularity and getting more and more 'mainstream'. The idea of vegetarianism (like every other diet) always seemed difficult to me. I wouldn't say I'd suffer, but I'd really hate not being able to eat everything. But I got curious. I wanted to see if I could pull it off... if I can resist eating meat for one week. So I tried.

Dancers Connect

I went to the Dancers Connect conference on Monday which was in Dortmund this year. It's an event held annually 'by dancers for dancers'. It allows us to come together and discuss our working situations in order to improve the dance community. I decided to attend out of curiosity. Turns out I learned more than I expected and I'm so glad I went. It was really eye opening and it gave me so much to think about.

Showtime! ✨

We had our first premiere of the season on Sunday. Dancing and rehearsing all day everyday.... pretty much all of the work we do in the studio leads to the real deal. We spend hours and hours at the studio perfecting every tiny detail. Every position, lift, placement, count and so on. It's easy to …